Do you want to know what your business is worth
without breaking the bank?

The MicroValuation was created out of the need for an inexpensive way to provide Buyers and Sellers with a purchase price for any given small business. These MicroValuations, also knows as a Calculation of Value in the world of business valuation, have limited uses. MicroValuations can be created with limited time and can be done inexpensively.

An Incredible Value at $599

Low Cost

A MicroValuation establishes a company's worth at an extremely low cost. Gone are the days of paying for a more extensive valuation when all you really need is to establish the selling price of your business.

Fast Delivery

A Microvaluation can be completed in a couple days from receipt of the required information from the client. That is lightning quick for the industry. In some cases they can be completed in 24 hour ... that is unparalleled in the industry!

Business Value

Webster’s defines value as "...the amount of money that something is worth, the price or cost of something, something that can be bought for a low fair price". Unquestionably, a Microvaluation meets this definition. It's a great value.